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Healing After Loss

Healing isn't Forgetting  

Life after such a loss can feel impossible. I have learned both through my personal experience with loss and experience in my professional life, that life after loss is possible.  It is  possible to find a way to keep on living but to carry your child's memory with you.
Healing is possible. 

After my first child was stillborn due to a genetic condition, I  became passionate about using my professional experience to help those who have experienced infant and/or pregnancy loss.  

Everyone's journey is different, but I understand what child loss is like.  Losing a child is like no other loss.  When a child dies, you also lose an entire lifetime of dreams, hopes, wishes, and plans.  You lose all the "firsts" and
all the years that should have been
The pain does not go away, but rather changes over time.  Together we can find a way for you to heal while still remembering and honoring your child. 

Loss is crippling, whether it be due to miscarriage, terminal illness, genetic conditions, stillbirth,
or making a difficult decision to end a much wanted pregnancy.    

I provide individualcouples, and group counseling for those on this difficult journey.
 Pregnancy after a loss can be difficult.
Join us for  help and support. 

Pregnancy After Loss Group
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